Facebook Messenger Now Includes End-to-End Encryption for Secret Conversation

Facebook Messenger Now Includes End-to-End Encryption for Secret Conversation

Facebook Messenger now includes end-to-end encryption for secret conversation. Yes, its right! Well, the cases of hacking is increasing day by day. From social media to surveillance camera nothing is safe now a days and hence service provides are using more and more advanced security mechanism to strengthen users privacy. After WhatsApp, iMessage and other popular applications, the social media giant is now rolling out new and advanced end-to-end encryption security mechanism in its messengers app. This new security feature is use to secure users secret conversation by limiting the access of your private messages. In this mechanism, all the messages are encrypted by a very strong algorithm which means only you and the other person you are communicating with can access these secured conversations. Not even Facebook can see or interrupt your conversation.

Source :- http://thehackernews.com/2016/07/facebook-messenger-secret-conversation.html


Well, its really exciting isn’t it? Knowing that your conversation is safe is really a big advantage for users and this new security feature is working quite significantly till now. If nothing then it will at lest restrict any third party access of your confidential conservation. However, using a social media network users should still need to be careful about what they sending in their messages. Meanwhile, in initial phase the end-to-end encryption feature will be available for a very small number of users in Facebook. It means, only few lucky users will be able to put addition security in their messages until the test phase completed successfully. However, in Facebook newsroom post it has been notified that the rest of the users will be able to take advantage of Facebook secret conversation feature latter this summer in their messenger app.

Reference :- http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2016/07/messenger-starts-testing-end-to-end-encryption-with-secret-conversations/

Advantages of Using End-to-End Encryption

screen-shot-2016-07-11-at-09-07-15Facebook is surely the one most used social media network and hence it is the favorite victims of hackers. Nothing could be more painful if your confidential or sensitive messages gets accessed by some unauthorized user. However, with end-to-end encryption feature users will get the privilege to make their conversation secured. Well, messages encrypted with this new security feature will be self-destructed, it means the message send or received by you will be autocratically deleted after 30 minutes of time gap. With this advanced security mechanism be accessible for only you and the the another person in the conversation, each of a single device which mean even if someone knows your login details then they won’t be able to access your messages until they use your the very device you are using.

Disadvantages of Using End-to-End Encryption

Well, with end-to-end encryption in Facebook users can send texts and pictures easily but it won’t allows them to exchange share videos, send GIFs, or make payments in to this secret conversations methods. Moreover, as chats with this new security methods will will only be accessed on one single device, you can’t continue the same chat while using any other device. Moreover, after a certain time all your messages in secret conversation will be deleted automatically which means you yourself can’t see those messages again.


However, still with the satisfaction of having your sensitive message secured, end-to-end encryption is really a big and exciting news for Facebook users. Hope this testing will end soon and users can get the privilege of having secret conversation in Facebook application. The biggest thing is that this advanced security mechanism will be optional for users which means you can even have normal chats if you don’t want to use secret conversation. The decision of using end-to-end encryption or not will be on you.

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