Hacker Reveals How to Hack Any Facebook Account

Hacker Reveals How to Hack Any Facebook Account


Facebook is currently the most used social media platform and billions of users log into their Facebook account everyday. Well, most of the users are unaware of the fact that their Facebook can be hacked easily. There is simple yet critical vulnerability is Facebook that can allows the users to take complete control over your Facebook account, check conversations, send messages, post pictures etc. even without knowing your password.

Source : http://www.anandpraka.sh/2016/03/how-i-could-have-hacked-your-facebook.html

A computer programmer Anand Prakash, has revealed the way to hack any Facebook account. Well, Anand is an Indian security engineer and Bug bounty program Hunter. He is currently working for flipkart as a product sicurity engineer at Flipkart and he has discovered a flaw in social media giant Facebook that makes it easily hackable for the cyber criminals. He said he was able to access in any fb account by using “brute force” cyber attack. Well, this major flaw puts 1.6 billion Facebook users privacy at great risk. Although, this problem was discovered and is been rectified by Facebook.

Here is How Anand Prakash Hacked Facebook

how-to-protect-your-facebook-accountThis vulnerability resides in the way Facebook’s beta domains handle ‘Forgot Password’ requests. Well, the forgot password is the feature provided by Facbook that allows the users to change their password. In this procedure Facebook send a six digit code on users email or phone in order to confirm the genuine. Well, the account holder can try up to dozen of codes in order to confirm the password reset well brute force protection limits a large number of attempts. Anyway, Anand found that Facebook’s beta website, which is used by software developers but lets anyone log in. Moreover, using an application called Burp Suite, he was able to try all the possible combinations for the confirmation codes until he found the correct one, that allows him to enter or log in into the any Facebook account. Well, once the password get changed completely then Facebook allows to log out of all other devices automatically. He demonstrated this entire method to show how one can easily log into any account and get the access of private information.

Reference : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/03/08/hacker-reveals-how-he-could-log-in-to-any-facebook-account-and-c/

Prakash said that the vulnerability was “very easy to exploit” and that “this hack was available tofacebook-security everyone”. He further said that all you need to access in anyones fb account is a Facebook member’s user name, which can easily be found by searching for their Facebook profile simply (Mark Zuckerberg’s, for example, is “zuck”). Well, discovering this flaw was quite beneficial for Prakash as he was rewarded him with a $15,000 (£10,500) and this problem has been fixed completely just after a day Anand Prakash reported this. Well, professor Alan Woodward, who is working as a cybersecurity expert at the University of Surrey, said the simplicity of the hack was quite a bit worrying. “It was surprisingly simple, and you’d have thought someone discovers it now,” he further said. “You would think sites would allow you to have five attempts and then lock you out, it’s pretty standard practice.” However, a Facebook spokesman said: it was good that the problem was recolonized and we are happy to reward Anand Prakash for this phenomenal hack. He also said “One of the most greatest benefits of bug bounty application is that it has the ability to find problems even before they reach production.

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Well, it was really very relaxing that this very vulnerability is recognized and resolved in time. However, hackers are not going to stop here. Your privacy is still at risk and you should be quite careful about that. Well, if technology is life saving then it is dangerous too. Hackers nowadays targeting social media platform widely and you can be the next victim of them hence share your data wisely. Well, you should take care of the security measures while using Facebook as it can proves really useful for you.

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Some Important Tips to Protect Your Facebook

  • Do not add unknown people in your account.
  • Have a strong and complicated password.fb
  • Never share your username or password with anyone.
  • Avoid logging in your account from different devices.
  • Be careful while using third party apps.
  • Do not share your personal information publicly.
  • Limit users who can access your information and share post with you.
  • Turn on the login notification in your account.
  • Block unknown people who is following you.
  • Always keep a close eye of log in session.
  • Enable secure browsing in your browser.

Well, the above methods may not protect your account from the technically sound professional hackers but it is enough to secure your Facebook account from some common hacks. In addition, if you can’t stop them then make it harder for them to hack your account. Well, the most important thing is avoid sharing your financial details on Facebook. Well, you should always stay aware and alarmed as it the best way to keep your account protected.

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