iMessage Vulnerability Could Expose iPhone Photos and Videos

iMessage Vulnerability Could Expose iPhone Photos and Videos

iMessage VulnerabilityMessages sent from iMessage in iPhone is not as safe as you think. Well, the researchers from the John Hopkins University have recently founded a very critical vulnerability in Apple’s iMessage messaging system which enables the hackers to decrypt all your message including photos and videos. It means with this critical vulnerability now hackers can easily access all your private pictures, videos and other messages sent from through iMessage in iPhone. According to the reports from Washington Post the research group have successfully tested this vulnerability in several iPhones device which were running on the company’s latest OS. However, Apple is planning to fix this very critical flaw with the release of of iOS 9.3. Meanwhile the researchers are supposed release a paper on their their latest vulnerability discloser at the poin of iOS 9.3 Relase.

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Well, variability in iOS devices is not new for the users. Earlier the jailborken Apple iOS devices were targeted by the hackers which allowed the attacks to put malicious codes in jailbroken iPhone device and puts users data at risk. Data loss is not as painful as this vulnerability as with backup or third party tool users can easily recover lost iPhone data, but iMessage vulnerability have really puts users privacy at risk.


Well the team researchers, exploited a very mischievous bug by a custom application which acted like the Apple server. They utilized this application in order to target iMessage messages which included a link of a photo that is stored onto the iCloud server. Well, the images was decrypted by a 64-digit key. However, the researchers did not know that 64-digit key, but somehow they were capable to keep guessing the combination until the key matched to that 16 digit number that allows then to download the image.

However, Apple recently said in a comment that security improvements in the latest iOS 9.0 ” has blocked all kinds of external attackers from performing accessing or decrypting iMessage messages.” Moreover, The company has also assured that some addition protections is also been been added in iOS 9.3 beta version which will provide extra bit for security for users data. However, the researcher believes that this hack is not easy to be performed by normal hackers but still users need to be very careful now. It would be quite sensible to make use of the latest iOS 9.3 in order to avoid iMessage vulnerability.

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