Kevin Mitnick’s Tips Protect to Your PC and SmartPhone

Kevin Mitnick’s Tips Protect to Your PC and SmartPhone

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If you are related to tech-world then you must familiar with the name Kevin Mitnick. Well, if you don’t know about him then he is one of the most popular hacker who was on the run from FBI in 1990s. However, 1995 he was arrested by FBI and was prisoned for five long years. Well, after releasing from prison he is working as a security consultant and belonging from the background of cyber crime he is really very good at what he is doing now. He has also written books about computer security. Kevin Mitnick’s actually hack his clients to show how one can easily be victim of cyber crime. He advice some really simple tricks to his clients in order to protect them from professional hackers in further future. Even some of the most reputed companies are in contact with Kevin Mitnick in order to deal with phasing attacks.

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Well, with the immense advancement in technology the chances of cyber crimes as also increased surprisingly. Every now and then hackers comes up with more mischievous as well as dangerous tactics to attack the users. From smart-phones to Laptops, every digital device is in their radar and they can really make the users suffer a lot. Well, the hackers known well how to make use of technology. Well, being a professional hacker himself, Kevin Mitnick is quite familier with the ways hackers uses to attack the targeted computer or smart-phones. With, using his very unique and simple security tips you can now easily protect yourself from being a victim of cyber crime or phising attack.

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Kevin Mitnick’s Advice To Protect your SmartPhone

phone hackAccording to Kevin Mitnick the biggest advantage for hackers is users lazy nature. Starting from the phone password, he says the four digit password is quite easier to break. He says users education and awareness is more important than using an anti-malware application. He suggest the users to use long and complicated alphanumeric password so that it won’t be easier for the hackers to break into your phone. Moreover, Mitnick prefers use iPhone as it is way more secured than Android phones. Mitnick advices the users if you are found of using Internet on your phone then use it wisely cause with Internet it is easier for the hackers to inject several bugs and worms in your smart-phone. In addition, he also warn the users to be careful while connecting their phone with other devices via bluetooth, wifi, or other connectivity technology as it can really proves to be quite dangerous for your phone.

Kevin Mitnick’s Tips to Protect Computers

Well, we all know Windows computer is quite hackable and therefore, it is quite sensible to make use of Macintosh computer.Keep-Your-PC-Safe Kevin always suggest the users to have an authentic and updated anti-virus application in computer. He also suggest the users to download apps only from Mac Apps store so that the chances of infiltrating malware application with third party utilities will be minimize. Well, these simple tricks will not be much useful against more skilled hackers like NSA. Kevin Mitnick says that social networks are the biggest platform for hackers to attack your system hence he suggest the users to be careful while using social networks. In addition he also mention how using an infected external drive can infect your entire PC and give the access of your entire computer to third party hackers. He, wants to know the public the external drives are not safe at all. In several demonstration Kevin Mitnick shows how hackers can sneak in your computer by using PDF files, public wifi routers, so he suggest the users to be smart and be protected.

Well, the above mentioned information advised from Kevin Mitnick is a real-time defense against all kind of cyber crimes and really protect your laptops, desktops and smart-phones from cyber criminals. Anyway, according to Mitnick and many other security experts the biggest protection for you against phising attacks is your awareness. So, you should always be careful and curious. Well, these tips are good for avoid normal attacks and can proves to be really very useful for you. However, if you are facing any critical hack on your system then you should better take the help of a professional security expert.

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