New Hack On The Block With Siri and Google Now

New Hack On The Block With Siri and Google Now

Hackers has found a new way to disturb users now, and this time they are targeting your smat-phones. Well, hacking a smart-phone is definitely not new for us and many users has witness different cases of phone hacks. However, this time hackers have moved a step ahead and discovers a whole new way to hack your smart-phone. This new hack will allows the users to send text messages, browser Internet, make calls remotely from your smart-phone. Whats more, they does no even needs the users permission to make use of your device.

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Well, this is really really a cause of concern for the users. With this roguish technique hackers can perform several illegal activities like threating someone, perform crimes, etc. with using your identity as the phone belongs to you. This really creates a sense of emergency in users mind and why not its about your privacy and security. Anyway, the question is how is it possible? However, the answer is quite surprising, hackers uses your personal assistant Siri and Google Now. So no matter if you are using iPhone or Android you are in the radar of hackers.

hack siri and google plusA group of French researchers who belong to ANSSI have revealed that that your personal assistant also listen and obeys the orders of hackers who silently transmit commands to Siri and Google Now from 16 feet away via radio signals. In an experiment the resurchers has shown how redio waves can trigger voice commands to your iOS or Android OS based phones in which Google Now or Siri is enabled. In order to hack your smart-phone, hackers uses a headphones with a microphone. Well, the  headphones’ cord works as an antenna, where its wire is used to convert surreptitious electromagnetic waves into electrical signals which appear on your phone’s OS as audio coming from hackers user’s microphone. With this very technique hackers can use radio attack to instruct your phones personal assistant Siri or Google Now to send texts, makes call or even browser different web addresses.

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Hackers can even run social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. on your phone without your awareness. This very hack gives the complete access of your phone to hackers and now allows them to do anything without even touching it. The biggest part is even after being hacked users hardly know anything about it. Being a common user you will simply thought it is a kind of software issue for any other technical glitch in your phone. Therefore, if your phone is making calls or sending texts itself then don’t take it for granted as your phone is been hacked. Therefore, it is important for you to keep checking your phone and be prepared to cancel any kind of mischievous command that is not given by you.

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SiriHackedWell, the hackers shows the demo how some common equipments can be used so destructively and ends with causing some kind of financial or legal issues for you. A set for they generated the electromagnetic waves with using a laptop running the open-source software GNU Radio, along with a USRP software-defined radio, an amplifier, and an antenna. Well, these small equipments even fits your backpack, and can be used to hack your phone from six and a half feet. Moreover, with larger batteries said they could extend the attack range to even more than 16 feet.

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However, this critical hack  does have few serious limitations like it can only applicable for the phones that have microphone-enabled headphones plugged into them. Moreover, some Android phones does not have the Google Now enabled with their phone lock screen, or they have set only to respond after recognizing the user’s voice. In addition as like Google Now the newer version of Siri also verifies the owner’s voice. Well, the most major limitation of this hack that users can see their phone is receiving mysterious commands and can cancel them before the task is completed.

protect your phoneHowever, still even after all these limitations your phone is not safe. You can have a close eye on your phone every time and not all phones have the latest version of Siri. This hack can result in severe consequences as hackers can not only perform illegal activities from your phone but can also generate cash using your phone. If you have phone with Google Now or Siri enabled in it then you really needs to be very careful now. Although, these personal assistant makes your life easier but at the same time there is great risk in using them. However, there will be surely permanent solution for this we need to wait for that. Anyway, till now you need to be very careful. Stay aware what is going in your phone. Now only calls and messages always have an eye on the site visited by your phone browser. If you notice anything weired or unusual in your phone immediately cancel the command and report it to your nearby police station. A little awareness and precaution can prevent you from major issues.