Remotely Exploitable Threat in Truecaller Puts Users Privacy at Risk

Remotely Exploitable Threat in Truecaller Puts Users Privacy at Risk

hacksIts quite fascinating as well as terrific how every now and then hackers comes up with a totally new technique and surprise the whole world. A remotely exploitable threat in Truecaller has found recently which has puts 100 million users at risk. Well, Truecaller is a phone call management application for mobile phone which is being used world wide by millions of users in order to identify the owner of numbers which is not saved in your phone book. This app support Android, iOS, Symbian and even blackberry phones.

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Well, this remotely exploitable bug in Truecaller is been found by Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab. However, it affects the Android phone only. This Truecaller hack allows the criminals to steal the privacy of users and cause severe issues. Its really a serious concern for all the users of this app as you may the other victim of Identity theft and being a common users you might does not even know about it. The remotely exploitable threat in Truecaller can deploy the professional cyber crooks to potentially access the users information and change the setting of call blocking in their app.

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Actually, while installing Truecaller, users are asked for their mobile number, email address and other personal information. Well, this app recognize the users by the IMEI to authenticate the users. Well, IMEI is abbreviation for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. It is actually a 15-digit number that is mostly used to recognize every iDEN and 3GPP phones, GSM modem, with an inbuilt phone/modem. Generally, IMEI printed inside the phone’s battery compartment.

However, the researchers have discovered, anyone who has IMEI of your device can access your Truecaller information including users phone number, address, email address, gender, etc. can even alter your app settings as well. The researchers have said that they were able to access users personal with using exploit code simply by interacting the Truecaller server. With this vulnerability all it needed for the hackers to hack your Truecaller app is your phones IMEI number.

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With Remotely Exploitable Threat in Truecaller Hackers Can:

  • Steal personal data of users that is provided in Truecaller at sign up.
  • Alter the crucial users application settings.
  • Disable spam blocker.
  • Add important numbers in blacklist.
  • Deleted blocked numbers from blacklist.

truecaller-on-iphoneHowever, till now there is no complaint against such issues so it means this flaw has not been utilized by the users till now but if it would have been misused by hackers then it could caused some serious troubles. Well, if the evolution in technology making the life easier for users then at the same time it has providing opportunities for the hackers. From computers to phone, from social media platforms to apps nothing is safe nowadays. It is really hard protect your privacy and avoid hackers as nothing is safe now. Hence, you should be careful with the information that you are proving to any app site now because you never know what hackers can do.

Meanwhile, in the latest news the company which is running Truecaller app has confirmed that the remotely exploitable threat that could have exposed personal information of million of users is now been fixed completely. They have also confirmed that this vulnerability has not compromised any users data till now. They further said that the bug responsive for this vulnerability is recognized and fixed. Now, they are checking if Truecaller app for iOS device is also affected by this threat or not. Meanwhile the updated version of this app is available for the Android phone users which is claimed to be protected from remotely exploitable threat and is safe to use.

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Well, if you are using the Truecaller app on your Android phone then you should immediately download and install the latest version of this app in order to make your personal data secure and to avoid any kind of further trouble. After remotely exploitable bug in Truecaller one this is for sure nothing is safe and hackers will definitely come up with something more advance and dangerous next time. Anyway, prevention is always better than cure therefore, you should stay very careful and try to protect yourself from vicious hackers. Hence, you should always be conscious regarding the information that you upload or share. Well, with proper knowledge and awareness you can minimize the chances to witness critical hacks. Apart from this now you should think twice before you register any app or site. You should be very choosy about what information you should share and what needs to be privet as its the matter of your privacy and you can’t take it for granted at all.