Researcher Releases Free Ransomware Detection Tool for Mac OS X Users

Researcher Releases Free Ransomware Detection Tool for Mac OS X Users

Free Ransomware Detection Tool for Mac OS XWell, Mac OS X is known for its reliability and advanced features. Usually, Mac machine does not get affected by malware infection however, even OSX users now are not left untouched by vicious malefic threats. World’s first Ransomware program is has targeted several OS X machines widely in past few time. Well, there is a good news for users that researchers have released a free ransomware detection tool for Mac OS X users. However, earlier this year KeRanger ransomware founded in Mac OS machines.

Well, ransomware viruses are the most frustrating issue for any users. It invades into the targeted machine quite stealthy and quickly encrypts all users personal data like text, documents, notes, music, videos, files, folders, etc. onto the compromised PC. It causes a serious data inaccessibility issue and hence users desperately needs to regain the access of lost Mac OS X data. However, in order to decrypt your files, KeRanger ransomware ask you pay a huge amount of money as ransom.

Free Ransomware Detection Tool for Mac OS XMeanwhile resepulchers have provided a free ransomware detection tool for Mac OS X users knows as RansomWhere. Well, it is a kind of very smart application that can easily detect ransomware viruses by identifying unknown processes encrypting files and immediately stop that very suspicious process, and also alert users as well. Whats more, it scans Mac applications by default that are signed with Apple Developer ID and not by official certificates. One the Ransomware detection tool finds any unreliable process in your Mac machine then it quickly suspends the malicious process and shows a a pop-up message as alert in which it ask the users to whether to continue or terminate that process.

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Well, Wardle has successfully tested this amazing RansomWhere tool. However, Wardle does admits that his tool does have certain limitations which can be circumvented by the professional hackers. Anyway, the limitations of ransomware detection tool for Mac OS X is listed bellow take a look.

  1. RansomWhere is uable to help the users if a Ransomware virus abuses Apple-signed app.
  2. RansomWhere tool may fails to detects ransomware malware if your files are already encrypted.
  3. RansomWhere tool does not provides protection for files which is stored out of your home directory.

Free Ransomware Detection Tool for Mac OS XWe all know that the hackers are a step ahead of the researchers, hence the RansomWhere tool is already been bypassed. Yeah, its true, unfortunately, Vilaca had already tweaked his Gopher ransomware virus to bypass the RansomWhere Tool in just the matter of few minutes. Actually, Vilaca takes the advantage RansomWhere tool limitation and added few extra codes into proof-of-concept ransomware which takes the victim’s files out of home directory and encrypted it. However, this new ransomware detection tool for Mac OS X, RansomWhere is still useful to protect your system from some common ransomware viruses.