Samsam Ransomware Attacks The Hospitals and Puts Patients at Risk

Samsam Ransomware Attacks The Hospitals and Puts Patients at Risk

Samsam ransomwareJust few days ago the FBI issues an urgent message the organizations about a nasty threat known as Samsam Ransomware. However, this vicious threat has already created a havoc. A non-profit group, MedStar that is running 10 hospitals was assaulted by this particular ransomware program. Programmed by the professional hackers, the sole motive of this nasty threat is to earn profit by blackmailing the victims. After getting infected by Samsam Ransomware, MedStar were asked to pay 45 Bitcoins approximately (US$18,500) in exchange of the decryption key.

However, MedStar didn’t pay the ransom to the hackers and found a new way to deal with Samsam Ransomware. Well, the IT sector on MedStar detected this critical infection in their server initially and hence they shut down most of their network operation in order to stop this virus spreading into the internal network. Furthermore, the It experts uses backup and reset three clinical information system. This active and quick approach by the Hospital IT sector doesn’t only saves the reputation of the Hospital but laso defended the life of several patients as well.


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How Samsam Ransomware Works

Well, Samsam Ransomware is yet another nasty innovation of hackers. Unlike the typical ransomware program it targets servers. Firstly, it exploits vulnerabilities JBoss application servers by making use of JexBoss which is an open-source penetration testing tool. After the sucessful intrusion into targeted server then the hacker uses these exploits in order get remote shell access of the compromised server and execute Samsam Ransomware in victimized Web application server. This critical encrypts all important files on the infected computer.

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Why Samsam Ransomware Targets Hospitals


Well, both corporate sector and hospitals is been the soft target for hackers as they have the chance to earn easy and huge profit from them. Witt the technological advancement in medical science the hospitals prefer to keep penitents data and reports in the form of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for easy and quick access. However, locking the patient data in hospital will cause delay in treatment which can further lead the patient’s to even death. Therefore, the attacker are quite assured that they will get the ransom in time.

However, the quick steps taken by MedStar group was the right example of how to deal with such nasty threats and avoid fatal damage. Meanwhile, it is important for all kinds of organization to be aware and ready face any kind of trouble. Recognizing the issue at the earliest will give an extra edge to minimize the damage.

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