Two-Step Verification In Instagram Now to Prevent Account Hack

Two-Step Verification In Instagram Now to Prevent Account Hack


Hacking an online account is not a tough task for users specially a social media account. Every now and then there comes a new about account hack. Well, in recent few days many users witness hack of their Instagram account. Well, hijacking a social media account is now seems to become a trend for cyber criminal. Well, hackers mostly target the celebrities account but still common users are not completely safe them. Well, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform for sharing photo and video. It that allows the users to take and uploaded pictures as well as videos either publicly or privately on the app. Moreover, it also enables you to share your picture directly to various other social networking site, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. Well, after Facebook and twitter, Instagram is also being widely used all over the world by number of users.

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hackedIf you are an Instagram user then there are chances that your account get hijacked by some evil hackers in order to perform some illegal work. Well, hack of your account can really create a mess for you and may ends up with some really critical issues including legal complications and even financial crisis as well. Hackers way to clever and dangerous now a days and hence it is very important to protect your account in order to maintain your privacy and to avoid any such problem. Anyway, it is impossible to make your account hack-proof but at least you can make it harder for the hacker. Recently, Instagram confirmed that they are working on the process to roll out two-factor authentication for its users.

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Now a days social media companies has become quite aware and they are providing more enhanced protection like Encrypted Channel Services, Strict Password Policy, Security Questions, and so on. Well, still hackers somehow manage to break your accounts’ passwords. Well the online accounts does not have an intelligent built in agent to verify whether the person is the legit author of the account or not as they only recognize person with user name and password. Hence the concept of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) born out! Well, various other social site like Facebook, Google, Twitter and even Amazon have used the 2FA feature already with their services in order to deal with account hijacking.


Two-step verification or 2-Factor authentication is an additional security mechanism which includes two layer of authentication and certifies if the user is legit or not after clearing dual identification step. It this method your account will randomly generate security code which would be provided to the users via call or SMS to complete the authentication. With 2-Factor Authentication it will be not that easy for the hackers to access in your account even in case if they manage to break your user name or password. Well, now the social media giant Instagram also implementing this very useful and more enhanced security users for users convenience.

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Well, the decision comes quite late and many other sites are already using this method, facebook has implemented this method 5 years ago. Whats more, the current users still could not expect this new two-step authentication feature to get released anytime soon, as the company has mentioned that the new phone verification method will take place slowly in feature. However, there is good news for the users who belongs to Singapore as the first roll would be out for Singaporeans.

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Well, hack of Instagram account is really a severe cause of concern for any people as it connect your with the whole world. I in past few days many Instagram accounts on celebrity get hacked. Some common people were also witness several issues due to account hack. Hijacking an account the hackers can even perform some kind of illegal activity like abusing or threating anyone which can ends with serious problem for you. Moreover, with the complete access of your account they can also play with your image. Therefore, you should be careful regarding the sicurity of your account.

Comman Tips to prevent Instagram Hack

  • Pick a strong alphanumeric password.
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Make sure your email account is secure.
  • Log out of Instagram every time when you share your computer or phone with other people.
  • Think before you authorize any third-party app.

Well, the above steps are conman ways to keep your account protected. Apart from this, you should also be careful about who is in your circle. Block any unknown or untrusted followers. Well, once Two-Step Verification is finally integrated in Instegram then you account will be more secured. However, till then be careful keep protected.