Unpatched Mac OS X Zero-day Bug Allows Root Access Without Password

Unpatched Mac OS X Zero-day Bug Allows Root Access Without Password

Usually, Mac OS X machines are considered as the safest computing machine. However, this this time hackers have got something which might cause serious concern for several users. An unpatched Mac OS X zero-day bug allows root access without password. Well, this critical vulnerability could enables the hackers to install malicious apps into the target Mac machine running on OS X 10.10 without without even system password, a new report says. The developers have failed to implement the standard safeguards which is required while adding support for new environment variables to Mac OS dynamic linker dyld, that allow attackers to modify or create files in root privileges.

Source :-  http://thehackernews.com/2015/08/mac-os-x-zero-day-exploit.html

Well, an anti-malware firm security team has spotted a malicious installer which was actually exploiting zero-day vulnerability to infect Macs with various adware infections. Well, this issue allows the hackers to get root permissions on a compromised Mac machine which means attacks can access in your device without your password. Well, this is really a very critical issue as with several malware on your system you can experience some very critical issues on your computing machine including improper system performance, browsing problems and even data loss. However users can recover lost Mac data with using a powerful data recovery utility.

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This critical Mac OS X zero-day bug can affect both current stable Mac OS X 10.10 and even the recent Beta build OS X Yosemite 10.5. However, there is a good news Mac OS X users who are using 10.11 El Capitan Beta builds, as it is currently unaffected from the zero-day bug. Meanwhile, this is really a very critical issue for the users as this hack is being used by hackers wildly now. However, we will have to wait until Apple patches this very critical issue and hope that apple fix this critical zero-day bug soon.