WhatsApp Turns on End-to-End Encryption by Default for its 1 Billion Users

WhatsApp Turns on End-to-End Encryption by Default for its 1 Billion Users

Cyber crimes are at its hight now and in recent past hackers targeted different social media platforms in order to perform their malicious activities. However, in order to overcome such attack and to prevent users privacy WhatsApp has announced a new update for its messaging app which include End-to-End Encryption protection for its one billion users. Earlier, last year the company has promised to launch this protection for users soon and eventually its on the floor now.

Source : https://www.whatsapp.com/security/

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End-to-End Encryption means, from now onward every message including images, texts or even voice calls sent from WhatsApp will be secured. All, your messages will be encrypted for everyone so that you and the person you’re communicating with can only read the content of WhtasApp messages. With this protection no one else can read your messages not even WhatsApp itself.


However, with the End-to-End Encryption protection, WhatsApp will not be able to comply the court intercept orders that ask the access of the original content of all kinds of conversations on this service. Now at your conversation screen you can see the notification that your your conversation is protected with End-to-End Encryption. Moreover, you can also see a small lock icon below the profile of recipient that ensures that your conversation is now secured with the new encryption method. However, with the adoption of end-to-end encryption WhatApp follows Apple’s debate with FBI over unlocking terrorist’s iPhone. While the dispute WhatsApps’ co-founder, Jan Koum, said that he supported Apple’s position and also admired its “efforts to protect user data”.

Reference: https://whispersystems.org/blog/advanced-ratcheting/

Well, in order implant the End-to-End Encryption in your WhatsApp account you don’t need to do anything or change setting manually. It will all happen automatically. Well, this new protection feature it really important and quite useful for the users. Now the chances of data steal from your WhatsApp messenger is quite low. The best thing about this feature is it will be quite good for your privacy. No one can seen or read your sensitive conversations expect you and the one you are chatting with.

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Well, The messaging app giant WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems in order to implement the End-to-End Encryption, which extends across the entire service like group chats, chats, attachments, voice notes voice calls etc. Well, this new feature will be applicable for all phones like Android, Windows Phone, Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia devices. Meanwhile, it is really a great achievements which will protect your data from any kind of unauthorized access.

However, still if someone gets the access of your account, then he can see your messages wether you want or not. Well, as the e2e encryption security update encrypts your messages for everyone except you and the person you are chatting with. Hence, if someone access your or the another person account then he or she can easily read your entire conversation easily.

Source : http://www.zdnet.com/article/whatsapp-rolls-out-end-to-end-message-call-encryption-to-all-users/

verificationMoreover, with the latest version of WhatsApp mobile application there comes an option to verify the keys of the other users with whom you are communicating with. It ensures the prevention from the man-in-the-middle attack. Well, this Whatsapp key verification can be performed by simply scanning the QR code, or by comparing a certain 60-digit number which will be available under newly introduced “verify security code” option in your WhatsApp messaging application. Whats more, users should opt in to a preference which notifies your every time the security code for a contact is changed.

The Whisper blog states that still there would be unencrypted text or other messages on WhatsApp network unless or until everyone updated their WhatsApp application to the latest version of this software. However, if anyone is using the end-to-end encrypted network then the plain texts will not be sent to them, even after downgrading their application. Furthermore, all the pre-e2e capable clients will expire, after that the new versions of the application will no longer accept plain text messages completely.

However, the most noticeable point here is if you are having a conversation in a group of several members with the new security update then even if one member with older version of WhatsApp that doesn’t support encrypted messages, all the conversation will be unencrypted for all the members that group. This means none of member of your group can see or read the message. Hence, now its a kind of necessity for everyone to use this latest End-to-End Encryption security update.

Therefore, if you are also concerned about your privacy and want to make your WhatsApp protected then immediately switch for the latest version of this application and avail the security of End-to-End Encryption. In order to implement this security update you will just need to update your WhatsApp messenger to its latest version. It is really useful and very important for the users as it will protect your conversations from any kind of unwanted access. Meanwhile, it would be sensible for the users to stay alert as hackers are not gonna stop now. They will definitely find out something new to bother you. Hence, stay alarmed and prepared to face all kinds of scenarios.