Zero-Day Warning! Ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 Users

Zero-Day Warning! Ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 Users

If you are one among those who rely on Microsoft Office 365 security tools then your system is at risk. Well, the newer versions of Cerber Ransomware is now targeting users who are using Microsoft Office 365 email with zero-day attack. Well Avanan, the cloud security provider has reported that several MS office 365 users have encountered spam email with malicious attachments. This critical ransomware is targeting users via Macros. However, the number of users attacked by this critical malware infection is still unspecified.

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Ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 Users

As like any other file encrypting virus, Cerber Ransomware also encrypt all kinds of data files stored in victims PC and demand a huge amount money in order to unlock your files. Well, the unique thing about this particular threat is that it even infect and control users audio system and threaten the users to pay ransom while playing ransom audio notification. It is really one most devastating threat which can cause severe damage in your PC and can eventually delete all your important data as well. If Cerber Ransomware detected on your computer system then you must remove this notorious infection immediately from your PC.



Note :- Do not pay any ransom money as ransomware viruses does not decrypt your data as promised. It has been often seen in past users lose their important files even after paying the ransom money users loses their important files. Moreover, paying money will even motivate the creators on this nasty infection to commit further crimes in order to earn more.

How to Protect Your System Against Cerber Ransomware

In order to prevent your PC from the Cerber ransomware attacks you should take these bellow mentioned precautionary measures.

  • Always keep a powerful and updated antivirus tool in your system.
  • Have a valid and timely updated backup files of all important data.
  • Disable Macros in Microsoft Office programs.
  • Never open any spam or phising email in your PC.

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Well, Macros-based malware attack is not new as in past several users has already witnessed such critical attacks. However, the surprising thing is still this hack is being used by hackers and users are getting victimized of this technique. Well, it is recommended to the users to follow above described security measures in your keep their system safe as well as protected. It is also very important to stay alarmed and aware.